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"I am a physician, author, coach and speaker who empowers individuals to BECOME Extraordinary by overcoming fear, clarifying who they are and BECOMING Concordant in their strengths, talents and weaknesses so they can Live An Extraordinary Life."
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meet Dr Brandt R Gibson
Throughout my life I have found joy and fulfillment from helping individuals BECOME the best versions of themselves.  I have learned through the years that the world is teaching the exact opposite.  To "fit in" you need to be Normal, Ordinary or Average.  If you are "Different" (I would call it Extraordinary), you are often ostracized, bullied and even attacked.  

It is with this realization that I found the principle of Concordance.  Through Concordance you can create an Extraordinary you by combining your strength, talents and weaknesses.  It is with this passion that I started The Band of Fire Chronicles  and founded The Band of Fire, LLC.

Is it Time for You to BECOME Extraordinary?
Early Years & Education
From a very early age I loved to learn and excelled in school with a goal of becoming a doctor.  Throughout this time I had the opportunity to overcome a speech impediment and a stuttering problem, and become more outgoing.  As the 2nd of six children, I was raised by amazing parents that taught me I was intelligent and nothing could stop me from succeeding!  I have partially become who I am because of them! 

  • Bachelor of Science: Brigham Young University
  • Masters of Science: Barry University (Miami, Florida)
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine: Barry University
  • Residency Training (3 Years): Mt Sinai/Miami Heart Instititute (Miami Beach, Florida), VA Puget Sound Health Care System/Madigan Army Medical Center (Tacoma, Washington)
  • Eagle Scout: Active in the Boy Scouts of America and earned the Eagle Scout award.
  • ​Missionary in Brazil: 2 Years spent serving in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 
  • Worked with Youth: Over 25 years working with youth and young adults and helping them BECOME.
  • Scoutmaster Boy Scouts of America: 10 years most recently, but has done it previously for about 6 years intermittently.
My Extraordinary Life
My life is truly Extraordinary!  From the decision to marry Shirley to the birth of our 11 children (including 8 girls and 3 boys), I have felt truly blessed.  Our greatest joy in this life comes from our family and empowering them to BECOME Extraordinary!  

I truly love life and am excited to watch my family grow (we already have another daughter married to my oldest son). The experience I have working with my children (and learning myself over the years) have allowed me to BECOME who I am now and has provided insights directly from God to help others also BECOME Extraordinary.

I would love to help you and your family experience an Extraordinary Life as well!
The Band of Fire Chronicles
James Adamson grew up as a normal, average or ordinary boy at least until his 8th year when he began to hear peoples thoughts and knew what the teacher wanted before she asked.  The neighbor dog even started to speak to him instead of barking.  He knew something was different! On his 12th birthday he learned he was a Titan and even more unique than he ever knew. And he was now being invited, with his best friend Bekah, to a specialized summer camp called Campus Gaea, where Doc McAdams and other teachers would help the young Titans develop their skills and grow into powerful members of the Band of Fire

But little did James know that he wasn't just a Titan, but he was Concordant (meaning he was an Extraordinary Titan).  As a Concordant he was blessed with ALL seven Titan Skills.  Start the Journey with him and the other young Titans as they learn to be Extraordinary!
  • James and The Band of Fire: Book 1 (Published 24 July 2018)
  • James and The Armor of Solomon: Book 2 (to be Published in 2020)
  • Other Books to Come: 7 Book Series (plans to publish yearly)
Certified Master 

BECOME Extraordinary
How Can I Help You?
My passion is to empower you to BECOME Extraordinary by clarifying who you are, overcoming your fear as you leave your Comfort Zone and start your Extraordinary Growth as you BECOME Concordant in your strengths, talents and weaknesses so you can Live Your Extraordinary Life.  
Carpe Diem 5-Day Challenge
Learn the Live Your Life Extraordinary process through a 5-day Challenge!  Isn't it time to leave your Comfort Zone, overcome your fears and enter the zone for Extraordinary Growth?
The Band of Fire Journey
Join this special Journey to help you BECOME Extraordinary: 90 Day Journey To Stop Being Normal, Average or Ordinary.  Is it time for you to BECOME Extraordinary?
Your Extraordinary Path
Take the Journey, based off the book The Deeper Path by Kary Oberbrunner, and learn the Path that will allow you to have an Extraordinary impact on the world. 
Your Extraordinary Name
Take the Journey, based off the book Your Secret Name by Kary Oberbrunner, and discover the Name you were given and how you can Become who you were born to Be. 
Your Extraordinary Career
Take the Journey, based off the book Day Job to Dream Job by Kary Oberbrunner, and learn the "Practical Steps to turn your passion into a full-time gig." 
Our Events
I am seeking to get the message out to the world that we should all BE Concordant so that we can learn to BECOME Extraordinary.  Our events include a combination of Learning, Teaching and Leading (Coaching).
  • Learning: I participate in many events to improve my expertise, knowledge and abilities to provide you with the best resources to BECOME Extraordinary.
  • Teaching: My main goal is to provide the world with the resources necessary to help everyone BECOME Extraordinary.  I teach through various means, including Masterclasses, Facebook Live, Fellowships (Online or Live), Courses and prerecorded resources. 
  • Leading: As a coach, I am working on helping others grow through empowering you to BECOME.  New opportunities to participate in my Coaching programs are constantly being updated.  Can I help you BECOME Extraordinary?
As an international speaker and teacher, I have spoken for my church, my profession (Podiatry), my medical practice and even for youth and young adult groups.  I am constantly looking for opportunities to help 
  • Neuropathy Fellowship: My next online speaking event for Peripheral Neuropathy (28 August 2019 - 7:00pm)
  • The Band of Fire Journey: Masterclasses (Live) for The Band of Fire Coaching programs.  (Regularly)
  • Barnes & Noble Book Signing: Book signing and speaking on James and The Band of Fire. (24 October 2019 - 2:00pm)
  • ​Igniting Souls Conference: Participation as a member of Fire Ring. (25 - 27 October 2019)
Peripheral Neuropathy
My first love in providing foot and ankle care in treating Peripheral Neuropathy. I have studied and specialized in the diagnosis, management and treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy for nearly 20 years.   Peripheral Neuropathy, by definition, is the malfunctioning of the nerves to the legs and feet (and the arms and hands) and can be debilitating without appropriate treatment. 
  • UtahFootDoc.com: Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute, a podiatric medical practice in American Fork Utah, specializes in foot and ankle care with a special focus on Peripheral Neuropathy. 
  • The Gibson Method: A proprietary method of diagnosing Peripheral Neuropathy and determining treatment options based on the causes.  Although Peripheral Neuropathy cannot be healed, it can be managed allowing return to normal life without limitations.
  • Neuropathy Nation: A subscription program to provide additional resources for self-management of Peripheral Neuropathy and discounts on treatment at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute.
  • The Neuropathy Fellowship: A monthly course (online or live) designed to provide resources to self-manage Peripheral Neuropathy and understand the options available for treatment.
"I have seen him in multiple settings teach, inspire, guide, and coach them how to be leaders."
Brandt Gibson understands how to work with young men. I have seen him in multiple settings teach, inspire, guide, and coach them how to be leaders. He gives them opportunities to try new things and then coaches them how to be successful. What I appreciate the most about Brandt is how he leads from the side—he teaches the young men how to lead and then steps to the side and lets them do it. Brandt has helped so many young people become great. I’m grateful for his example and dedication. 
- R. Kendall Lyman, Business Consultant and Author of Change the Way You Change!
"Dr. Gibson...helped me become a stronger person, and helped me be able to better handle tough situations that may arise."
- Julia LeSueur, Former Office Manager at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute
Are You Ready To BECOME Extraordinary?  
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