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Do You Have Peripheral Neuropathy?

"Sara sat in the doctor’s office fighting back tears. Is it true she has a condition that can’t be treated? When did her nerves stop working? Was it something she had caused through her life? When she came in today, she was hoping for treatment options and an explanation of her problem, but the doctor didn’t say much more than that she had neuropathy."

Common Problems Encountered:

  • No Information: To often a person is given the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy with no additional instruction or help offered.
  • "Good Luck": Even many neurologists are telling patients "Good Luck" when they get the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy.

Are Your Symptoms Causing Pain, Discomfort or Disability?

"This problem started months ago when she started noticing some numbness to her feet. At first she thought it was related to shoes or socks she was wearing, but the problem continued to progress. The numbness gave way to sharp, stabbing pains, often like an ice pick was being driven into her foot. But the intermittent numbness and pain were only part of the story, because burning, electrical shocks and increased discomfort was becoming more and more common at night. When she could no longer sleep well at night because of the discomfort, and when she noticed pain even with walking barefoot, it was time to be evaluated." 

Symptoms Are Problematic:

  • Life Is No Longer Normal: The biggest reason individuals go to the doctor is because the symptoms are significantly interfering with daily life.
  • No Real Options: Usually individuals are not given any options for truly managing the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.
  • Pain Is Usually A Problem: Often with peripheral neuropathy pain will interfere with activities and even sleep.

Does My Doctor Know About Peripheral Neuropathy?

"It had been several weeks since Sara sat in that office with tears running down her face. At that time she decided that if her doctor couldn’t give her a solution, she would find a doctor that was willing to help her look for one. Her whole life she had been taught to confront her problems and find solutions. This new diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy was no different. She just needed help finding the correct perspective."

It Is Often Hard To Find A Neuropathy Specialist:

  • Your Doctor Should Know About Neuropathy: You can only get the appropriate understanding of your neuropathy if you are working with the right doctor.
  • Most Doctors Don't Understand Neuropathy: Close to 90% of all physicians have little or no understanding of peripheral neuropathy and therefore are unable to give you any information.
  • A Knowledgeable Doctor Can Help You: When a doctor understands neuropathy, he can assist you in getting the necessary understanding to manage your peripheral neuropathy.

You Need To Understand Your Personal Neuropathy

"This was a little overwhelming and she began to wonder what questions she should be asking? How would she know when she had all the information? How would she know if she truly understood peripheral neuropathy personally and could move forward with learning to manage her disease? Was this really something she could do herself or did she need to involve other individuals in the process? As she continued to have these thoughts, the doctor came in and began to discuss the important questions that she must first answer and began to explain the answers she should be able to get." 

It's Time You Get Answers:

  • You Deserve The Truth: Over the last 20 years I have been looking for answers and options for every neuropathy patient.  You deserve this information!
  • The Secret To Success: The more you understand about peripheral neuropathy and your personal neuropathy, the more control you will have on the future solutions to your symptoms and even any disability you may now have.​

There Are Options To Overcome Peripheral Neuropathy

Although Sara is not a real patient, she has aspects in her story that come from many of my patients. On a regular basis around the country and around the world, individuals suffering with neuropathy are told the diagnosis and informed “nothing” can be done for it. Almost 19 years ago I was helping a patient suffering with peripheral neuropathy and I knew there had to be options.  I have therefore spent much of my time since then researching, testing and finding options to help every individual with peripheral neuropathy.

Therefore, I Am Here To State In No Uncertain Terms:

  • Neuropathy is NOT A Lifelong Sentence: There are options to manage your peripheral neuropathy and not have it interfere with your life.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy Can Be Treated: Although we can't yet heal peripheral neuropathy, it can be treated so that it doesn't affect the rest of your life.
  • You Can Live An Extraordinary Life With Neuropathy: Peripheral Neuropathy is interfering with more than 21 million lives in the United States alone, but there are options to stop this interference.

Let Me Introduce Your Next Step

The Gibson Method™ – 90 Day Boot Camp
Take the Personal Journey to understand and manage Peripheral Neuropathy
Diagnose your disease, Determine the causes, Design a plan to get control, and Discover life without limitations
The Four Pillars of Nerve Health

Peripheral Neuropathy Personally

In the first 14 Days you will learn:
  • 5 Truths of Peripheral Neuropathy: Video & Packet to help you learn the truth about neuropathy.
  • The Beginner's Guide To Peripheral Neuropathy: Specialized eBook on the basics of neuropathy.
  • Understand Peripheral Neuropathy: A specialized Masterclass to help you truly understand.
  • ​Understand Neuropathy Symptoms: A guide to symptoms and how to track yours.
  • The Nerve Malfunction: A specialized Masterclass teaching you what even your doctor may not understand.
  • The Neuropathy Score™: A proprietary tool to help you diagnose and track your neuropathy.
  • Top Questions Every Neuropathy Patient Should Ask Their Doctor: An eBook designed to prepare you for a doctor visit.
  • Sensory, Autonomic and Motor Neuropathy Videos: Help you understand and diagnose your neuropathy.

The Symptoms of Neuropathy

In the next 16 Days you will learn:  
  • Secret Steps To Managing Your Peripheral Neuropathy: A specialized eBook on your next best steps.
  • The Gibson Method™: A Masterclass to prepare you to diagnose and understand your neuropathy.
  • The Truth About Neuropathy Pain: It is imperative that you understand neuropathy pain.
  • Managing Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Without Medications: A Masterclass designed to help you learn to manage your symptoms (especially pain).
  • Overcoming Neuropathy Pain: A stepwise process to live with neuropathy pain.
  • Nerve Re-education: Process to help your nerves function appropriately.
  • Nerve Reset: Process to help reset your nerves, like resetting a computer.
  • Nerve Repair: Process to help repair your nerves.
  • Nerve Repression: Process to use the process of repression to control symptoms.
  • Managing Peripheral Neuropathy: Keys to Success: eBook providing simple keys.
  • Introduction to Treatment Options: Including vitamins, nutrition, and Calmare treatments.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy Secrets Every Neuropathy Patient Needs Now: eBook to provide additional neuropathy secrets.

Peripheral Nerve Damage

In the next 30 Days you will learn:
  • To Diagnose Your Neuropathy Type: Multiple videos to help you differentiate Small Fiber, Large Fiber, Autonomic and Motor Neuropathies.
  • How To Evaluate Your Neuropathy Type: Special Masterclass to facilitate diagnosis of your type.
  • About Nutrients For Neuropathy: Extensive instruction on nutrients and their influence on neuropathy.
  • Orthomolecular Neuropathy Treatment: A Masterclass about a valuable nutrient protocol your doctor may not be using.
  • How To Evaluate & Treat Compression Neuropathy: Instruction, discussion & process.
  • How To Evaluate & Treat Toxic Neuropathy: Instruction, discussion & process.
  • How Your Health Status Affects Neuropathy: Instruction, discussion & process.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy: A comprehensive Masterclass.
  • Genetic Neuropathy: A comprehensive Masterclass.
  • Vascular or Inflammatory Neuropathy: Instruction and discussion.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome: How it relates to neuropathy.
  • Fibromyalgia: How it relates to small fiber neuropathy.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: How it relates to neuropathy.

With Peripheral Neuropathy

In the last 30 Days you will learn:
  • How to Live An Extraordinary Life with Neuropathy: A Masterclass to start the process.
  • Treating Neuropathy with Nutrients: Deficiency vs Dependency.
  • Laser Therapy for Neuropathy: Comprehensive discussion of laser and how to find a treatment center.
  • Electrical Stimulation for Neuropathy: Options for clinic based and at home treatments for neuropathy.
  • Biomechanics and Peripheral Neuropathy: Instruction on walking, balance and other neuropathy considerations.
  • Psychological Aspects of Neuropathy: Are there other considerations?
  • Power of Meditation in Neuropathy: Instruction and specialized resources for starting and continuing meditation.
  • Nutrition Based Neuropathy Treatment: Careful instruction on how food and fluid intact can modify or manage symptoms.
  • Exercise and Peripheral Neuropathy: Comprehensive discussion.
  • How To Involve Other Physicians In Your Care: Discussion to help you get additional help.
  • The Neuropathy Lifestyle: 4 distinct Masterclasses to help guide Daily Routines and provide the Lifestyle Tools necessary to live an extraordinary life.

Is It Working For Others?

"When I started with this program I didn’t think anything would happen with it. I had no feeling in my feet and up to almost my knee in my left foot, and to my knee in my right. Since I’ve had these treatments I have improved immensely. It’s just done wonders for my legs. I’ve improved today by 25% in my left leg and at least 75% in my right leg…so to me that’s significant. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve felt the bottom of my feet. Now I can feel the bottoms of both feet almost everywhere, except my big toes. I must say that I am really impressed! For me to have improved this much in just these few treatments I am really impressed!"

- Anita

"Very thorough diagnostic procedure for peripheral neuropathy, which is difficult often times to diagnose"
- Jerry
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This Boot Camp Can Help You Too!
Dr Brandt R Gibson is a specialist in Peripheral Neuropathy and has developed a proprietary method to help you understand, diagnose, manage and control the progression of Peripheral Neuropathy.   Through this process, The Gibson Method(TM), you can enjoy and extraordinary life without limitations.

Is It Time To Get Your Life Back?


BONUS #1:  7 Systems Plan with group coaching by Dr Brandt R Gibson

  • Health Transformation: Improve overall health by losing weight and maintaining ideal body weight
  • Reduce Peripheral Nerve Injury: Reduce the side effects of chronic diseases (ex. Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Fibromyalgia, etc)
  • Reduce Medications: Decrease or eliminate your need for medications
  • Clear Toxins: Eliminate toxins or toxic substances in the body
  • ​Look and Feel Younger: Feel 10 years younger with 600% more energy
  • ​Live Longer: Drastically reduce your risk for all 4 of the top killers in America

BONUS #2:  UNHACKABLE Course with group coaching by Dr Brandt R Gibson

  • Succeed More Quickly: Find success 500X faster than you ever thought possible
  • Reduce Peripheral Nerve Symptoms: Learn to create Flawless Idea Anatomy, increasing the power of your mind in managing pain
  • Rewrite Your Story: Change the erroneous messages that have produced the neuromatrix that is augmenting or facilitating your pain
  • Eliminate Distraction & Disability: Learn to initiate Deliberate Magnetic Focus to take back control of distractions and distability
  • Initiate Optimal Human Performance: Learn to perform at the highest level even with Peripheral Neuropathy
  • ​Extraordinary Life: Learn to Reach your Goals, Live your Dreams and Enjoy and Extraordinary Life!

BONUS #3:  30 Minute Call with Dr Brandt R Gibson to Initiate a long-term plan.

  • Optimize Your Understanding: Ensure you understand all the intricacies of your Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Manage Your Symptoms: Learn when to use different tools to manage the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Control Nerve Damage: Discuss what should be done long-term for different disease processes
  • Build a Daily Toolkit: Create a plan for daily management of symptoms and return (without limitation) to the life of your dreams


  • 14 Days To Help You UNDERSTAND Peripheral Neuropathy                                             VALUE: $   997.00
  • 16 Days To Learn How To MANAGE Your Peripheral Neuropathy                                     VALUE: $   997.00 
  • 30 Days To Diagnose and CONTROL Peripheral Nerve Damage                                       VALUE: $2,497.00 
  • Training In LIFETIME Tools to THRIVE with Peripheral Neuropathy                                 VALUE: $2,500.00 
  • Integrated Meditation Program to teach you the techniques and implementation          VALUE: $   297.00 
  • Membership in Private Neuropathy Group to get support and answers from others      VALUE: $   300.00
  • 12 Weekly Calls with Dr Brandt R Gibson to discuss Neuropathy Questions                  VALUE: $1,600.00
  • BONUS: 7 Systems Plan program with coaching by Dr Brandt R Gibson                        VALUE: $1,600.00
  • ​​BONUS: UNHACKABLE Course with coaching by Dr Brandt R Gibson                            VALUE: $   997.00 
  • BONUS: 30 Minute Call with Dr Brandt R Gibson to create your long-term plan              VALUE: $   450.00 

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